Touch Surfaces
直到今天在Gigazine看到由Disny研製的"Touch Surfaces"系統其展示影片,

(以下內容引述自Disney Research)
.....In this project, we develop and apply a tactile rendering algorithm to simulate rich 3D geometric features
(such as bumps, ridges, edges, protrusions, texture etc.) on touch screen surfaces.
The underlying hypothesis is that when a finger slides on an object then minute surface variations are
by friction-sensitive mechanoreceptors in the skin.
Thus, modulating the friction forces between the fingertip and the touch surface would create illusion of
surface variations.
We propose that the percept of a 3D “bump” is created when local gradients of the
virtual bump are mapped to lateral friction forces.....
.....To validate our approach, we used an electro-vibration based friction display to modulate the friction
between the touch surface and the sliding finger. We first determined a psychophysical relationship
between the voltage applied to the display and the subjective strength of friction forces,
and then used this function to render friction forces directly proportional to the gradient (slope) of the
surface being rendered.
In a pair-wise comparison study, we showed that users are at least three times
more likely to prefer
the proposed slope-model than other commonly used models. Our algorithm is concise,
light and easily applicable on static images and video streams.....


數值高程模型(digital elevation models,DTM)這種自帶數據的還能想像,
不過那隻三葉蟲和蘋果的圖要是直接轉灰階當bump map,畫面怎麼還會那麼乾淨呢?
Norman對相關領域的知識不是很了解,只用法向量貼圖的模式來理解好像不是很通 ww
Touch Surfaces
Disny若是能與各エロゲー公司、AV片商合作開發,就算還做不到"Dreams Come True",
也絕對有資格讓人們手上的電腦成為"The Happiest Place On Earth"啊~嘶! XD

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